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ASPAM Foundation cares for the needs of society and fills the gap with objective of “We Care” and brings smiles to faces.

ASPAM Foundation:

  • Encourages orphans to cope with sudden adversities with courage.
  • Teaches orphans to face challenges and develop their problem-solving skills.
  • Coaches orphans to strive for personal excellence, while ensuring their emotional wellbeing and growth.
  • Trains orphans to become socially mature and independent, and provide career coaching.


The team is comprised of businessmen, social workers, small NGO’S and volunteers having the common goal to lend helping hands and together they make ASPAM Foundation projects successful. Each of the team members pledged for a monthly contribution towards ASPAM Foundation. ASPAM Foundation trusts the team in selecting the right projects and execute them.

If you wish to be part of the ASPAM Foundation team, please email: